When it comes to interior painting, pricing is crucial. You need to know the cost to paint interior of house and whether they can cover small rooms, medium rooms, large rooms, closets, doors, and more. Our experts can help you with your painting needs in:

OnePoint Painting Company prides itself on having a transparent interior painting pricing system that empowers you to do more with less. When hiring interior painting services, you can’t forget about interior painting costs and how that can impact your budget. Refresh your home instantly with our interior painting services that deliver the best quality for an affordable price.

Small Rooms:

Walls $300-$500
Add Trim & Ceiling $200-$500

Medium Rooms:

Walls $400-$600
Add Trim & Ceiling $300-$700

Large Rooms

Walls $600-$1000
Add Trim & Ceiling $400-$1000


Closets $120-$350

Doors $55-$200