Hallway Painting Preparation Tips To Know in Austin, TX

While hallways are usually overlooked in home interior maintenance, these areas still contribute a lot to our home’s overall ambiance and appeal.

Thus, maintenance from time to time is necessary for our hallways, which can be done best through a fresh coat of paint.

So, if you are looking to treat your hallways to a fresh coat of paint and would like to know how to properly start that kind of project, here’s something you’ll find interesting!

Let us check these Hallway Painting Preparation Tips To Know.

1. Prepare Your Hallway Area For Painting

To start your hallway painting project, you’ll want to clear the area of any obstacles that could get in your process of painting the area.

These obstacles could come in the form of appliances, furniture, and any decorations that might be present in your hallway space.

This is important since you’ll want to clear out these possible obstacles to ensure that you’ll have a smooth painting process, and to avoid any potential delays in your project.

Additionally, if you do have large furniture that cannot be temporarily moved out of the area or fixtures in your hallway space, you’d want to cover them up with plastic sheets or a drop cloth to avoid getting paint spills and drips all over them.

2. Do Surface Preparation

After ensuring that your hallway space is cleared and ready, you’ll now want to undergo the proper surface preparation process.

The surface preparation process includes cleaning your hallway surface, making sure that it is spotless and free of any dirt or dust, and inspecting your hallway surface for any kind of physical damage and getting it fixed, if there is any.

Making sure that your hallway surface is spotless is important since the presence of dirt, dust, or any kind of build-up might compromise and affect the overall quality of your coat of paint.

In the same fashion, inspecting your hallways for any kind of physical damage, and getting these fixed are important for a smooth paint finish, which is essentially what you want for your painting project!

While paint is extremely transformative, it won’t be able to completely conceal physical damages on a surface – which is very important to remember in a painting project!

3. Gather The Painting Materials You Need

In doing a painting project, you’ll also want to think about gathering all the painting materials you’ll need to complete your project.

For instance, you’ll need essential items such as high-quality paint brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, drop cloths, and a paint tray.

Additionally, it is important to know that the type of brushes and rollers you’ll need to acquire will depend on the texture of your walls.

If you happen to have a textured hallway surface, you’ll need to acquire a thicker nap roller, while foam rollers would work best on a smooth surface.

To ensure that you won’t be missing anything, make sure to list down all the essentials you’ll need for the project, and run through the list with a local paint professional – they’ll be happy to assist you with this!

4. Prime Your Walls First

In any painting project, the primer will always be a non-negotiable, must-have painting item – and your hallway painting project won’t be an exception to this.

This is because primer ensures that you have better coverage for your coat of paint, which will also result in a better-looking, more vibrant paint finish.

Additionally, primer helps your coat of paint adhere better to the surface, which then lessens your chances for paint problems such as paint peeling or cracking in the near future.


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Tips To Know In Painting Your Hallway in Austin, TX